Agritourism is the crossroads of tourism and agriculture where you can experience the farm lifestyle

The heart of the Hacienda Cochauco farm is the dairy operation. Alvaro and Berta (pictured below, left) have managed the dairy farm for over 20 years, with the help of two local families and their children. They milk the 100 Jersey cow herd twice daily, at 4:30 AM and 4:30 PM. (We always opt to take part in the 4:30 PM milking), participating in the milking, tasting the fresh milk, and making cheese are some of our popular family past times. 

With over 400 acres, there is a lot of property to explore on foot alone. Get a feel for the terrain on horseback, as they lead you down winding paths, through the fields, and up the slopes.

Pigs, Chickens, Dogs. We have them all. Don't be surprised to find an egg in the planter on the porch. Friendly farm dogs at your doorstep (DISCLAIMER: We apologize in advance - you can't take them home with you - we know you will want to). Welcome to life on the farm. 

There is so much terrain to cover that you may opt to 'hike' via horseback, but no matter how you do it, take a hike up to 'the point'. There are many hiking trails throughout the farm.  


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