Bonnie and Santiago Suarez, pictured here the day they purchased the 400+ acre dairy farm in 1993. Santiago - who was born in Ecuador and still had a large amount of extended family there - wanted his three sons to have a connection to their Ecuadorian roots. 

Over the next decade our family spent every summer and school vacation on the farm. During that time we restored the original farmhouse, and constructed one more, keeping with the original single story style. Increasingly the farm became our favorite meeting spot for us and our extended family where we often host outdoors meals, leisurely days hiking / horseback riding / watching the afternoon milking, and long nights by the fire (either indoor or outdoor).

Our kids are now grown and our family keeps growing by the day with grandchildren.  We try to reunite at the farm as often as possible. Because we are an active family of chefs, brewers, restaurateurs, filmakers and music professionals, we cherish our time together on the farm - cooking, eating, laughing, relaxing, hiking, and enjoying the sunshine.

 It is undoubtedly our favorite place in the world to unwind, and we hope to share it’s magic with you.

THE SUAREZ FAMILY  at a church in Quito for their cousin's wedding July 2013